Thank You’s 2014

 The Sixth Annual Halfmoon Bay

 APPLE FESTIVAL 2014  Was Hugely Successful with many THANKS

Apple Donations: Helen Charko (Halfmoon Organics), Bert Zimmerman,  John Nicholson, Wendy Cooney (Seahorse Farm), Clayton’s

Apple pickers: Tony Greenfield, Lee-Ann Ennis, Jim Richmond, Katie Angermeyer

 Applesauce Makers:  Len Johnson, Cathy Maclean, Vivian Waterhouse, Helen Charko, many snitzers who came out on Saturday.

Loaned equipment:  Rick Kobus, Sue Hayer, Iris Griffith Centre

Signs up and down:  Tony Greenfield, Lee-Ann Ennis

 Fire wood,  fire building & tending, kettle stirring: Jim Richmond,  Ennis-Hodges family (Lee-Ann, Scott, Charlotte and Sophie), Tony Greefield, Len Johnson, Alex Buchanan, and many many others were allowed to take a turn.

Setting up the cannery tent:  Tony Greenfield, Jim Richmond, Sue Prentice, Janice Pentland-Smith, Danielle Stephens, Pamela Pellegrini, Pam Richmond, Margaret Thomas.

Decorating the Hall:  Helen Charko, Quilts by Carrie Angermeyer (Katie’s grannie), wall hangings by Paula O’Brien, and paper people by Sharon Russell.

Canning Crew:  Len Johnson, Helen Blank, Katie Stuart, Rick Kobus, Andrea Kobus.

Apple Butter Sales:   Christabelle Kux-Kardos, Dana Janssen

Kids Activities:  Jenni Stafford

Vendors:  Pony Parties, Heinz Engelman (Fay Farms), Helen Charko (Halfmoon Organics), Sue’s Plants, Fun Popcorn, Gloria Nicol (For Pet’s Sake), Halfmoon Bay Café, Telus

Music:  Suzuki Violins & Cellos (students of Kathleen Hovey, Michelle Bruce, and Karen VanBemmel), Halfmoon Bay Performing Arts (students of Elaine Hunter), Maggie and the Boys (students of Reg Dickson), The Cornpones, John LaPore, Beth Jay, Janice Brunson, Alexia Alarie-Norman.

Clean-up:  Tony Greenfield, Liz and Harold Jones, Tim Dayton.

Support from Local Organizations:  Welcome Beach Community Association, Halfmoon Bay Community School, SCRD Parks & Recreation.

Support from Local Businesses:  Clayton’s, Sechelt Signs, Home Hardware, Halfmoon Bay Café, Halfmoon Bay General Store, Welcome Woods Market, Dolphin Physio & Fitness.

Special thanks:   Telus for donation of a nice pressure canner.

Media:  Mountain FM 91.7, CBC-1 North by Northwest, The Local, Coast Reporter

Webpage: Kim Banks

Event organization: Katie Angermeyer